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Government’s primary job is to make the lives of its citizens safer & easier. Our government should be transparent, responsive and trustworthy. Government musst be fiscally responsible and use our money to invest in the future of Kentucky and its children. I have worked to strengthen Kentucky's Open Records and Open meetings laws. I have supported our public education system and fought to make healthcare more accessible and affordable. I support an overhaul of our current income state tax code and the creation of new revenue streams such as gaming and medical cannabis.

We all know what we need:

  • Safe schools & communities

  • Quality public schools with local control

  • Freedom to control and access quality health care that we can actually afford to use

  • Well paying jobs so families can pay for basic needs and be home at night to raise their children


We know what we don't need:

  • A representative who undermines Louisville's independence

  • A representative who seeks to restrict our freedoms 

  • A representative who is primarily a puppet for a political party and not to voters. 

  • A representative who seeks to divide us


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To the right is a map of the 48th Legislative District.  Click the button below to view an expanded version of this map: 

48th District Map


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